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 First of all, sorry for my English which is not very good!
 The realization of the site

During my studies, I attended some class of computing on website design. That's why I decided to start this adventure. I began to think about the creation of this site in October 2003 (even if the idea was in my head since a moment!). After a month of intense work, I was able to put it on-line on November 5th, 2003. Since, the presentation and the contents evolved a lot - and still continue!-. To tempt you to return, I make regularly updates. I hope it make the site more attractive.
At first, the web site spoke only about figure skating. Little by little I added scans and photos of my other passions, the drawing and the styling. In 2010, I entirely revised the conception of the site to divide it into three parts. And so was born Cygnus World, with Cygnus Skate, the part dealing with the skating, with Cygnus Draw, who collects my drawings, and with Cygnus Fashion Design with the photos of my creations of dresses for Barbie.
In July, 2011 I translated a part of the site into English for the international visitors and I revised the general design of the site to have more unity between the parts.

 The web site

Cygnus World is a personal web site realized entirely by me. I don't know personally the skaters or the French federation of the ice sports. So, it is useless to leave me messages for the athletes.

 Rule for the texts of the site

Texts are personal realizations. I try at most to verify the information before putting them on-line. Unfortunately, it can arrive that certain errors are into the pages (nobody's perfect!). If you find some, don't hesitate to tell me. I will correct them. Texts are the property of the author which wrote them and must not be used on the other web sites or blog.

 Rule for the photos

All the photos were taken by me during the different events I was able to see. If you wish to take some for a web site or a blog, thank you for asking me for the authorization before. The only obligation is to mention the name and the address of my site, and to leave of course my signature on photos.

The conception and the maintenance of the site is made with the software Macromedia Dreamweaver.
The retouch of photos are realized with the software Adobe Photoshop.
The statistics of the site are managed with Xiti (http: // / Analytics.aspx).
 Some statistics

During the first year using Xiti, the software of statistics, in 2004, I had 3.380 visitors. In 2005, I tripled this score with 13.164 visits. 2006 continues with 28.702 visitors (with 7.483 only for February, thank you Olympics!). On January 18th, 2009, Cygnuskate was able to celebrate its 100.000th visit!

I want to thank all the persons who spend time on Cygnus World. It make me pleasure to see that all the work I make interests a lot of people. Thank you also all person who agreed to advertise my site in my debuts. Without them I would have difficulty in becoming known and in existing with the other web sites!

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